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 Spring 2017

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Meeting Days/Times
Spring 2017BIO 205-03Human Anatomy and Physiology IIIAdded Section4/11/20176/29/2017

​LEC: TTh 1:00pm-2:50pm

LAB: W 4:00pm-6:50pm

Gangursky, BA208/D102
Spring 2017COM 130-01Broadcasting: Television/Film AestheticsAdded Section5/22/20176/29/2017


Beaton, JOnline
Spring 2017CRJ 101 -01Introduction to Criminal JusticeAdded Section5/8/20176/29/2017


Bertomen, LOnline
Spring 2017CRJ 102-02Criminal LawAdded Section4/10/20175/19/2017


Strom, LOnline
Spring 2017CRJ 103-01Introduction to EvidenceAdded Section5/22/20176/29/2017


Storm, LOnline
Spring 2017CUL 191WU-01Introduction to Social Event CateringAdded Section6/22/20176/26/2017

​LEC: Th (6/22) 1:30pm-6:20pm

LAB: F (6/23) 8:00am-12:50pm

LAB: M (6/26) 8:00am-3:50pm

Lyle, EKitchen
Spring 2017ESL 555-01US CitizenshipAdded Section4/24/20176/28/2017

​LEC: MW 7:00pm-9:25pm

Cortes, WTLC
Spring 2017ESL-561A-01ESL Low BeginningAdded Section4/10/20176/28/2017

​LEC: MW 6:15pm-9:05pm

Pavlos, CTLC
Spring 2017FIR 162B-Z4Professional Fire Fighter Training Program- Part 2Added Section4/6/20175/9/2017

​MTWThF 7:00am-11:50am

MTWThF 1:00pm-4:50pm

Loomis, BSalinas
Spring 2017GEL-111-01Geology of Yosemite and the Mother LodeAdded Section6/1/20176/11/2017

​LEC: Th (6/1) 6:00pm-7:50pm 

Field: FSa (6/9,6/10) 9:00am-4:50pm

Field: Su (6/11) 9:00am-2:50pm

Valentine, SE106
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Meeting Days/Times
Spring 2017ART 219C-01Metal Sculpture IIICancelled Section4/10/20176/26/2017

​LEC: MW 6:00pm-9:05pm

Yerian, BF104
Spring 2017ART 219D-01Metal Sculpture IVCancelled Section4/10/20176/26/2017

​LEC: MW 6:00pm-9:05pm

Yerian, BF104
Spring 2017Bio 102-02Principles of Biology IICancelled Section4/11/20176/27/2017

​LEC: TTh 10:00am-11:50am

LAB: Th 12:00pm-2:50pm

Kloss, S/Rios, MA208/D102
Spring 2017BIO 113-01Field Methods in Wildlife EcologyCancelled Section4/10/20176/26/2017

​LEC: MW 8:30am-10:20am

Rios, MA208
Spring 2017BIO 121-01Musculoskeletal AnatomyCancelled Section4/17/20176/28/2017

​LEC: MW 6:00pm-7:25pm

LAB: MW 7:30pm-8:55pm

Spring 2017BSN 105-01Professional CommunicationCancelled Section4/13/20176/29/2017

​LEC: Th 6:00pm-9:50pm

Blum, RD120
Spring 2017BSN 210-01EntrepreneurshipCancelled Section4/11/20176/27/2017

​LEC: T 6:00pm-9:50pm

Blum, RD120
Spring 2017CHM 117-02Introduction to Biological ChemistryCancelled Section4/10/20176/28/2017

​LEC: MW 1:00pm-2:50pm

LAB: M 3:00pm-6:05pm

Ryland, SA208/D103
Spring 2017CIS 115-01Current Technologies in Web DevelopmentCancelled Section4/10/20176/29/2017


Tanaka, AOnline
Spring 2017CIS 120C- 01Computer Programming IIICancelled Section4/10/20176/29/2017


Cecil, JOnline
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 Summer 2017

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Meeting Days/Times
Summer 2017CRJ 104-01Criminal Court ProcessAdded Section7/3/20178/11/2017


Cefalu, VOnline
Summer 2017CRJ 105-01Cultural Diversity in Criminal JusticeAdded Section7/3/20178/11/2017


Poole, ROnline
Summer 2017CRJ 112-01Introduction of InvestigationAdded Section7/3/20178/11/2017


Campion, COnline
Summer 2017FIR 133-02Internship - Occupational Work ExperienceAdded Section7/3/20179/15/2017


Palacio, JTBA
Summer 2017FIR 167-01 Wildland Fire Safety and Hand Crew OperationsAdded Section7/10/20177/15/2017

​LEC: M-Sa 8:00am-11:50am

LEC: M-Sa 1:00pm-4:50pm

Marion, DCCC
Summer 2017FIR 170D-Z1Fire Fighter 1 AcademyAdded Section4/10/20177/7/2017

​LEC: 8:00am-11:50am M-F

LEC: 1:00pm-4:50pm M-F

Bianconi, KSunnyvale
Summer 2017FIR 173B-Z1Fire Investigation 1BAdded Section8/7/20178/11/2017

​LEC: M-F 8:00am-11:50am & 1:00pm-4:50pm

Neiman-Kimel, JDublin
Summer 2017MAT 158-01Math ReviewAdded Section8/14/20178/24/2017

​LEC: MTWTh  6:00am-8:50am

Littell, CD123
Summer 2017SPA 103-01Elementary Spanish IIIAdded Section7/3/20178/11/2017


Goralski, COnline
Summer 2017SPA 122CA-02ISSI: Intermediate Level IIIAdded Section7/31/20178/4/2017

​LEC: M-F 8:00am-10:50am & 12:25pm-3:15pm

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Meeting Days/Times
Summer 2017SPA 101-03Elementary Spanish ICancelled Section7/3/20177/28/2017


Goralski, COnline