Courses: Elementary Statistics

Elementary Statistics
The use of probability techniques, hypothesis testing, and predictive techniques to facilitate decision-making. Topics include descriptive statistics; probability and sampling distributions; statistical inference; correlation and linear regression; analysis of variance, chi-square and t-tests; and application of technology for statistical analysis including the interpretation of the relevance of the statistical findings. Applications using data from disciplines including business, social sciences, psychology, life science, health science, and education. NOTE: Students taking online courses must log in during the first week of the course or make special arrangements with the instructor to avoid being dropped.

Course Name: MAT-201
Departments: Mathematics
Course Types: Not Basic Skills [CB08]; Not Coop Work Exp [CB10]; Not Applic-Credit [CB22]
Course Locations: LTCC/On-Campus; Online
Prerequisites: PREREQUISITES: MAT 154A or MAT 154AA with a grade of "C" or better or equivalent or appropriate skills demonstrated through the math assessment process.
Course Offerings: